How to clean a kitchen sink

Every day the kitchen sink has to deal with sauce stains, greasy messes, coffee grinds, raw meat and more. So it’s no wonder that your sink is probably long overdue for a clean. To get it cleaned here are some guidelines you can follow-

Before you start the cleaning process, do not forget to wear a pair of rubber gloves first!

You can start by sprinkling baking soda all around the sink. Because it is only mildly abrasive and it will help break up food particles without harming the sink surface.

Next step is to, squirt a little soap onto your sponge and start scrubbing by adding a little hot water at a time. Scrub your sink from the outside to in and top to bottom, so that you do not get the cleaned area dirty again. When you are done with scrubbing rinse the sink with clean water.

To get the drain cleaned, you can use baking soda with white vinegar. For this, always remember the 1:2 ratio. So one part of baking soda will go with two parts of white vinegar. Put some the baking soda down the drain, followed by a slow pour of white vinegar and wait about 15 minutes for the bubbling duo to do its job. When it's done wash away with boiling hot water to get rid of any remaining residue from there.