How to clean your bedroom

Who do not like to have a nice, clean and tidy room? That is why we would like to share some tips on how you can clean your bedroom.

Organizing all the clutter:-

The first step for organizing any room would be to get rid of or organize each small bits. So you can begin with the papers you have thrown about, the clothes on the floor, the wrappers next to your bed, the toys of you baby, etc. Also you can walk around the house with a garbage bag and a laundry bag. This way you can pick things up as you go and won't have to walk back and forth.

Making the bed:-

It's true that making the bed is pretty pointless, when you’re about to mess it up come nightfall – but once you have it, you will realize how better it makes the room look and feel. It will give cleaning the rest of the room a purpose, because once you’re done, it will look wonderful.

You may also want to wash the sheets and then make your bed. This includes pillowcases and the comforter, too. Jumping into a made bed at night feels great, but jumping into a made, clean bed feels even better.

Organizing The Closet:-

Organizing the closet might be something which you do every day. To start with, you can map out your closet in your brain ( where you keep what ). Then get to organizing, keeping like items together and the articles you wear most on top.

Another tip you can try is to go through your closet and figure out what you just want to throw out (random, non-apparel items included). Possibility are there might be at least a few pieces of things you are not interested anymore, and these are just cluttering up your space. We are not suggesting you to throw them off! Probably you can give away those as a charity. :-)

Removing Dust and Making The Room Smell Nice:-

Behind and under the bed, Shelves, Table tops are a paradise for dust. To get rid of them, a dust mitt or dust cloth would work well, but you can also use dusting spray or a disinfect wipe to get more better results. Once everything is dusted, corners of the floor included, you can vacuum or mop accordingly. But, for the things like lampshades and curtains, try to be a little gentle. For these, you can use a blow dryer to gently blast away the dust.

Finally, when you would be done with the cleaning, you can finish with spraying a nice, fresh scent, like lemon or lavender in your bedroom!