How to deep clean your toilet

While cleaning the toilet, it's really important to wear clean waterproof gloves and a plastic apron to stay safe from bacteria. You should try your best to keep your hands and clothing as clean and dry as possible.

You can start with spraying your toilet with a disinfecting all purpose cleaner. Spray the things like the flusher, the toilet seat, every part of it and even the base at the bottom. You got to get all of it. And then you have to let this cleaner sit for about five minutes so that the product can actually do the disinfecting work.

Next step is to apply the toilet bowl cleaner starting from underneath the rim. The reason behind it's importance is that there can be some tiny little water jets underneath the rim that you won't be able to see. You can also spray enzyme cleaner around the floor and the walls of the toilet. If you notice a urine smell or urine stains around your toilet, you really need to use it.

Now take a paper towel and wipe down the areas you sprayed. It's always better to start working from top to bottom. Make sure you don't miss any part. For the little nooks and crannies paper towel sometimes won't be the best option. You can use a toothbrush to get those parts clean. If needed reapply some cleaner and scrub using the toothbrush. Also remember to clean the area where the toilet meets the floor using it.

Finally it's time to deal with the bowl. Take the toilet brush and start by going right underneath the rim. As we have talked about those jets before that you may get a lot of buildups whether it's hard water or bacteria. You want to make sure you're scrubbing it. So once you've done a complete run around the rim, you can then start swirling your way down through the toilet bowl. Give the brush a good twist and flush your toilet keeping it there to rinse that off.