How to steam clean your carpet?

Are you looking for a quick way to make your dirty carpet look clean? If yes, stream cleaning will be the method you should look into. It is one of the best ways of cleaning your carpet quickly and deeply. That's why we have got some tips and steps you can follow:

Getting The Carpet Prepared

> The first thing to do before starting with the cleaning process is to remove all toys, papers, and general clutter from the floor. If possible move all tables, chairs, and furniture out of the room. Clear as much of the floor space as you can. Now it's time to prepare the carpet by vacuuming it, make sure you have done this properly that there are no loose fibers left on your carpet.

Getting The Steam Cleaner Prepared

> To get the steam cleaner ready, you will have to fill the reservoir with water. Only put as much water as the machine directs so that you don’t overfill the water tank. Look for a max fill line on the water tank. Now get it powered on and check if its generating the steam as it should be. Steam cleaners usually use a detergent of some kind, so make sure to check the machine’s instructions to use the right kind. Only use the amount directed, as using too much soap will cause it to stay in the carpet. (Some machines will have a specific compartment where the soap goes, and others might direct you to mix the soap into the water)

Getting The Stream Clean Done

> It is better to start cleaning in the corner and slowly walk yourself out of the room. Look for the corner that is diagonal from the door or entrance of the room. Wherever you start from, be sure to avoid walking or standing on the carpet again until it is dry.

>> It is a must to read the directions for your machine before you use it. Steam cleaners put hot water on the carpet and then immediately suck up the dirty water. Some are meant to be pushed to lay water and pulled back to suck it up. Others work only by pushing or only by pulling.

>>> When you make long passes from wall to wall, steamers tends to work most effectively. Walk from the corner to the opposite wall and back. Pass over the same line twice if your steamer lays the soapy water going forward and sucks it up going backward. Don’t use short, back and forth strokes as you would with a vacuum.

>>>> You should not pull your steam cleaner too quickly. Because pulling it too fast will not allow it the time that would need to suck up the water. As a result it will leave your carpets wetter than they should be.

>>>>> Once you're done with the cleaning, next step will be to get it dry completely. Depending on the type of carpet and machine you used it can take more or less time to get it dry. To make it faster you can use the ceiling fans, place standing fans or floor blowers in the room. Also, you can open of all the windows to increase air circulation.

Don't forget to refrain you and others from standing on the carpet again until it is completely dry!